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Hand Crafted Luggage

RISE gear is here to disrupt the cheap and crappy luggage industry where 95% of all luggage is made in China. The manufacturing industry in China has no respect for the environment during their processes and generates massive amounts of waste that ultimately pollutes all of our air and oceans.  At RISE, by hand crafting our own luggage, we are empowering our own local people, who each have their own families and children, by creating jobs that China has otherwise taken away. Our luggage line sets us apart from Samsonite, Delsey, TravelPro..etc where they don't help our economy, sucking the GDP down the drain. Not to mention the difference in quality that you will be getting with RISE versus these other brands.

Each RISE luggage is crafted by our very own specially trained luggage crafters. They will personally build your luggage with the utmost care and perfection that you can trust and rely on.

The Founders, Lee and Sean, have taken on huge challenges, investment, and risk to bring the manufacturing back from overseas. But the proof is in the pudding. Our customers have loved their new luggage and the attention to detail that is crafted in every one. RISE has become a global community of serious travelers who expect the best and nothing else. We build our luggage for adventuring, exploring, and creating stories that you will keep for the rest of your life.

Meet the RISE Luggage Crafters

Mike Findlay
Enjoys riding his bike in the early mornings after a hot cup of coffee. He joined RISE in 2012 and has grown with our company and is now our lead luggage Crafter.

Willow Blouin
Is an avid traveler that has visited over 100 countries and counting! She is actively testing out RISE gear and such a great team player.

Brian Paton
Living with his two children, he enjoys the great outdoors and gets out as much as possible.

Jason McKague
Studied mechanical engineering. He not only plays as a critical member of our Crafters, but also in the design of the product.


Joanne Gilfillan
A mother of three, Joanna is experienced working in the fashion industry and has been a valuable member of our team since 2015.

Kevin Tanaka
Our other globe trotter, he has visited over 50 countries. His favorite destinations are anything with mountains and great hiking opportunities.

Rakesh Reistman
Enjoys photography and taking photos every chance he can. He takes inspiration from everyday life.

Terry Brennan
Has a passion for the technical side of things. Experience as an airplane mechanic. His attention to detail and the mechanical operation has been a huge asset to RISE.