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Top Tips For Packing Smart

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When packing for a trip, there's always the possibility that you may pack much more than you need, which may not only lead to some extra costs at the airport but also be frustrating when digging through your items. Packing light helps travellers combat both these things, working to simplify their journey and end the dig. By now, we all know a handful of tricks that keep our items organized and neat, but what about a few others? Here are some of our top tips for packing smart Start With Quality Luggage The most important part of packing smart is to use luggage that makes the most out of your experience. Our Rise Gear luggage is designed with the modern traveller in...

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Avoiding Common Travel Hassles

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Besides the more exciting aspect of travelling, there can be small snags that can put a damper on your journey; and most are totally avoidable. Here, we go through a few ways you can make sure you’re ready for anything and avoid these common travel hassles on your trip. Reconfirm your flight Most of the time, any changes to your flight should come to you via email, but that may not always be the case; and if your inbox is typically stuffed it’s not impossible to miss the message.  A few days before your flight, call the airline to double check the date and time of your departure to avoid any unpleasant surprises the day of.   Weigh your luggage at...

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