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Making It Through A Long Road Trip

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group in car long road tripSome of the best adventures start on the road. Driving to your destination can sometimes be the best part of the trip, whether it's done for convenience or simply for the experience. While driving to a location close by your home city makes perfect sense, longer road trips can feel like forever if you're not well-prepared. From making a comprehensive plan to being ready for the worst case scenario, here are just a few tips for making it through a long road trip.

hand car window long road tripMake A Checklist

Making a list and checking it twice is for much more than just a certain holiday someone. It's important to map out exactly what you're going to need when you hit the road to avoid extra stops or purchases in case of an emergency. Food, snacks and water? Mobile and entertainment devices and their chargers? Blankets? Plan all your essentials out and make sure you check it off the list once it's in the car. When packing your luggage, use your Rise Gear bag to simplify the process, and keep your clothes organized and neat for the long journey. Think about the items you'll need with you in the car vs. what is ok in your luggage in the back seat or trunk, but keep in mind that our bags will keep all of your accessible easily accessible so you don't have to waste precious time digging in the even that you have to get items from it.

Map It Out

The most important part of the trip is knowing where you're actually going. GPS devices and mobile apps are expertly helpful in letting you know what your next move is, but it's important that you have an idea beforehand of where you'll need to be by what time to reach your destination on time. Have an idea of distance benchmarks so you can gauge when you'll arrive at your destination and stick to the plan. Shortcuts and extra long rest stops are just enough to put a wrench in your plans, so make an effort to avoid them during your trek, but be sure to create a game plan that includes stops and takes delays into consideration so you're not taken too far off course.

yellow car long road tripSet A Driving Limit

Driving for long periods of time can lead to fatigue, so it's important to set a time limit for yourself in terms of how many hours straight you'll stay on the road. This is a big part of the reason why having a schedule that factors these things in is important. Whether you need to alternate drivers or take breaks altogether, having a driving limit will make sure nobody is driving while exhausted just to "keep time."

Make Playlists Ahead Of Time

This might seem trivial, but you'd be surprised how much time you can potentially waste looking for the next jam to play; not to mention distracting. Create a set playlist that can carry your through the road trip, leaving it up to one friend with impeccable taste of divvying the duties up among whoever will be in the car. Consider podcasts in addition to music to make the time pass even quicker, and maybe even stir up some side conversation of your own.

Prepare For The Worst Case Scenario

It's not always a pleasant thought, but it is always important to be well-prepared for the worst case scenario. Take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and any passengers in the car safe before you head out. Think spare tires, extra chargers, more food than you need, wearing comfortable shoes in case you need to walk (so, save the flip flops for later), and making sure any protective coverage such as AAA is up to date. As stressful as they can sometimes be, approaching road trips with a plan in mind can help you tackle it without any issues. Stick with these tips and you should reach your destination with your sanity in tact. Happy Travels!

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