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Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Trips Even Better

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passport travel tipsWhether you're a seasoned traveller or head on occasional trips, making sure they go smoothly is one of the most important things. Each time you travel, you learn new things along the way that will make your trip much easier the next time. Usually some type of setback or inconvenience will make you that much more conscious about your next trip, but it's always useful to plan ahead for different types of hiccups along the way. Here are just a few of the travel hacks that will make your trips go a whole lot smoother

soap in luggage for smell track hacksFresh Laundry

At the bottom of your Rise Gear luggage system, there's a spot for worn clothes so you can keep it separate from the clean clothes in each of the shelves. The space keeps them far enough away from each other, but you may have had a particularly active day or carry a smell you don't want to transfer to the rest of your clothes, so take advantage of the hotel and guest soap and place it in the "laundry" area of your luggage to cut down on any possible odours. The same goes for any other type of luggage, especially bags that don't keep your clothes separate by design. If you don't have soap on hand, use a scented dryer sheet to keep everything fresh.

Stay Charged Up

With as many digital devices as we carry with us on a regular basis, travel likely won't be much different. Obviously, these items will need to be charged at some point, but carrying cords and cables can get frustrating if they get tangled up,  lost or mixed up with someone else's. Prevent this from happening by storing them in an empty sunglasses case. They are typically large enough to accommodate a few essential cables.

Dress Smartcomfortable clothing on flight travel hacks

Wear the heaviest clothing you're bringing along with you on the flight so you can free up some luggage space during the packing process. A coat can also double as a blanket or pillow, since higher altitudes means a dip in temperature. Definitely keep comfort in mind when you're headed to the airport - especially for longer flights. Think sweat pants, jeans and flats for the flight since you can always freshen up once you reach your destination.

Pack Smart

Nothing is worse than lost or delayed checked luggage, so being prepared in the event that it does happen is important. Luckily, every variation of our Rise Gear bags are sized perfectly as carry-on luggage - so think about packing a few outfits in there instead of having clothes only in your checked luggage. In the event that you have to wait for your bags a bit longer after reaching your destination, you'll at least have a few options so you're not wearing the same thing until you're finally reunited with all of your bags. Also, consider packing smart and going with only a carry-on bag. We've blogged about the possibility here on the blog in the past!

Save The Samples!

hotel samples travel hacksDon't ignore those travel and sample sized items  from hotels you stay in since they could come in handy later. Some hotels supply new body washes, shampoos, conditioners & more daily, so keep them all after using some if you can and save them for another trip in the future. They are sized perfectly to not be an issue at the airport, and you'll be prepared the next time you head out! Keep hacks like these in mind to make your next trip

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