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World's Most Unique Guest Houses

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Over the last few years, guest house rental has become one of the most popular lodging options for travellers - whether they're on a budget or looking for a more interesting travel experience that you may not find heading to tourist hotspots and expensive hotels. One of the best things about renting guest houses are the truly unique and interesting spaces you can find to stay in that can have just as much art, history and personality as the world outside the door. Here, we look at just a few of the most unique guest houses found on Airbnb.

Magic School Bus | California391431-the-magic-bus

A converted school bus sits on a 5-acre ranch in the middle of California and has more amenities that you would think. With larger common areas nearby for entertainment, showers and meals, the inside of the bus is cozy enough for sleeping under the stars. Thanks to the large ranch property's agriculture, a full fresh breakfast is provided during your stay and to keep you in tip top shape while you're there, a yoga instructor stops by on Thursday mornings.

Hidden Treehouse | Atlanta, GA392587-above-it-all

Threehouses are actually the most popular listings on Airbnb, and all over the world people live out their innermost childhood dream of sleeping in a often well-constructed and perfectly livable treehouse. Tucked away in a large green space in Atlanta, multiple rooms are all connected by rope bridges to make up this magical treehouse. While it definitely looks and feels deep in the woods, it's actually only 10 minutes away from downtown Atlanta.

Shell House | Mexico391432-home-shell-home

Built in 1994 by a Mexican architect, the house has different sections called "conches" that house different parts of the structure like the living room, bedroom, kitchen and more. The shell motif doesn't just stop at the extrior shape, but to details inside like a shell-clad shower head in the bathroom and much more. Easily one of the most unique homes in the world, the ocean is close by with beaches and cliffs right around the corner alongside coconut trees and other tropical plants that surround the property.

The Boot | New Zealandimg4412

With architecture that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale, this New Zealand property is actually a two story cottage fit for two. With nearby national parks and lots of open space, this location is perfect for travellers looking to explore some of the area's wildlife and get up close and person with the environment. Nestled between hazelnut tree, it's surrounded by a large garden and is one of the most interesting ways to experience New Zealand.

Flying High | Costa RicaScreen-Shot-2013-12-09-at-2.16.43-PM

Once you step off the plane in a new destination, chances are you don't want to see another one until it's time to head back home. This intriguing guest house will make heading back onto a plane and interesting experience. Placed in a forest area, it looks like the site of a hillside crash at first glance. The plane serves as the base of the home, and the inside is converted to sleep up to 6 people. With stunning hardwood and a large balcony, you get great views of the surrounded environment as well as the ocean.

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