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Travel More While Keeping Your Day Job

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one-year-10-travelers-tons-of-memories-our-2015-in-01-620x283 With travel reaching peak numbers in 2015, it's clear that seeing the world is becoming more and more of a priority for people thanks in part to travel blogs and social media. For many, this new found wanderlust has many of us reading, liking and sharing stories about people who traded in their 9 to 5s for world travel or permanent relocation- leaving their regular day to day life behind for something a little more adventurous. While that might be a reality for some, for the rest of us there's plenty of ways to see more of the globe while still keeping your day job.  


Use Up Those Vacation Days

Surprisingly, tons of workers in North America leave some of their vacation time unused by the time to year is over. Depending on where you work, you may be able to roll some of them over up to a certain point the following year, or you may lose them forever. Whatever the reason, your vacation time is yours to use as you please, so make an effort to use your allotted time even if it's just for short road trips. on the flipside, you could save them up and head on a multi-stop adventure for a few weeks. The choice is yours, but make sure you make the most of your vacation time!   closed

Leverage Long Weekends & Public Holidays

Another thing you should take advantage of are public holidays. Depending where you are in the world and what industry you work in, you'll observe quite a few paid religious, seasonal or government holidays during the year, typically falling before or after a weekend. These are great times to make that weekend getaway a little bit longer than usual. You can also tack on some of your vacation time to the beginning or end for an extra day or two, giving you enough time for a 5-day getaway without using up too much of your paid vacation. Check your calendar and plan around a few long weekends so you can spread some of your vacation time over the course of a few months. There's plenty of psychology-backed science that says a few short trips can actually be better for you then one long trip, so don't be afraid to spread out a few short experiences over the course of your year.  

Sunrise on Lake Huron at Nayanquing Point State Game area. GPS geotagged.

Do Some Local or Nearby Exploring

Sometimes we become so preoccupied with far-flung destinations that we forget to pay attention to the cool places that are right next door; or even within your own city. Heading somewhere 4 -6 hours away is perfect for a quick weekend trip so it's important to keep that in mind when thinking about travel. beach-working_smallbiztrends

Work Remotely

One great compromise to this problem is to simply have a day job that allows you to travel and work at the same time. There's a handful of companies and roles that are conducive to working from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Whether you can turn your current role into a remote one, working consistently as a freelancer or find a position with a multi-national company with offices all over the world, the work possibilities are endless. No matter what works for you, there's always a way to balance work and play in your life; so find a way to incorporate it into your life! Having high quality luggage like Rise Gear on hand to hit the road is an important factor to make sure your trips go off without a hitch. Happy Travels!

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