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How Travel Will Change In 2016 & Beyond

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Travel has become more & more popular, more accessible and easier to commodify than ever before. Thats not to say that people weren't travelling in years past, but with the rise of social media it's easier to capture and share our own journeys as well as follow the adventures of others. Far beyond the niche of travel blogs, seeing the world has come to the forefront of popular consumption and because of this the industry is changing more rapidly than it ever has in the past.

Creative SeatingPrint

With the continued rising popularity of travel, it's hard to find a flight that doesn't fill up quickly, leading to overcrowding. Because of this, airlines and aircraft developers will starts getting creative and crafty with the seating arrangements in order to accommodate more people without sacrificing comfort. From more fanciful ideas like split-level layouts that stack passengers between 2 floors or a uber-first class bubble on top of the plane offering a 306-degree view at a premium, to tamer options that sees seats adjusted based on required legroom and the height of the passenger; there's development being made to make sure everyone has an opportunity to take to the skies.

The Rise Of Budget Airlinesairplane_3-wallpaper-1366x768

Low-cost airlines like WOW Air and RyanAir are just a few of budget options popping up, and will continue to pop up. The travel industry experienced a boom in 2016 like no other, and is also beginning to realize that many don't need the extra frills that add costs to airfares.

Airport Makeoversairports

Airports all over the world are trying to catch up to the most world renowned flight hubs. Renovations and upgrades hope to give terminals, restaurants, shops and other amenities a major facelift. With the amount of people travelling, it's important for airports to not only accommodate millions of people in traffic but to create a comfortable environment and more opportunities for revenue for the airport. In 2016, airports will come up with newer ways to get you to spend before you take off - with more shopping and restaurant options to help you kill time.

More Apps Than Ever Before411089-get-organized-travel-sites

It's impossible for many travellers to head out without the help of their smartphones or tablets, and airlines & airports are continuing to take notice. Heading to the customer service desk for flight information, nearby food options or wi-fi connections is beginning to look a little outdated. There are a plethora of airline-affiliated and third party apps to help make any trip much easier. Apps like these keep travellers organized, and on schedule; helping you stay on top of flight changes or other notifications and nearby essentials you may need right before a flight. Travel will continue to become more accessible as time goes on, so these changes will definitely help to facilitate the boom that's still to come. As always, be well prepared on your own adventures by using your Rise Gear luggage. Happy Travels!

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