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Travel Resolutions For 2016 and Beyond

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traveling-alone With 2015 almost drawing to a close, many will start to make resolutions for the upcoming year. From fitness to jobs, many people take the start of a fresh year to be the best time to set goals and intentions for the upcoming 12 months. You may already have much of your 2016 travel plans booked months in advance, or perhaps you rely on last-minute deals to fuel your adventures - either way, you have a general idea of some of your travel goals for 2016. Here are a few travel resolutions you should consider if you haven't already!

Go Low Maintenance

When packing, it's easy to go overboard and try to bring everything we own - especially for longer trips. Try finding versatile clothing and bringing the bare essentials for a low maintenance experience involving just your carry-on bag. Keep in mind, many of the essentials you think you need can be purchased in the country you're going to, so remember that and it will keep your bag light. Our Rise Gear Jumper bag is perfect for packing light while still staying organized. Taking a minimalist approach to packing will help in making travel a less stressful experience. The less things you bring, the less things there are to forget or lose during the trip. Hand holding the plug, blackboard


It may seem scary at first, but completely disconnecting from social media during your trip can do wonders for you. While you should always have a phone with you in case of emergencies and to keep in touch with family and friends, make it a point to stay off your phone, or laptop, tablet for the course of your trip so you can truly enjoy the atmosphere instead of being on the hunt for the perfect photo op. Not only will this keep you engaged in the moment, but it will also be a great incentive for you to open up to those around you and make friends with locals and fellow travellers.

Try Somewhere New

Everyone has favourites when it comes to destinations, and there's no problem in revisiting anytime. But always remember that the world has many interesting places to visit and it will be hard to get through each and every one in your lifetime, so push yourself to create a brand new bucket list to check off before heading into the new year. If you have to revisit on old favourite, try to see another location in the same region during the course of your trip also so you can see as much as you can.

Take Advantage of Your Weekends

Everyone loves to get away for a week or two at a time, but that may not always be possible due to work or other commitments. Weekends are a great time for short road trips to nearby cities, so you can enjoy some time away but still be back at work for Monday. Studies have proven that even short vacations makes us more relaxed, inspired and creative when we get back to our regular routine and workplace, so don't be afraid to not only use your vacation time, but make the most of your time off work.

Travel SoloIt was a beautiful evening

If you've never done it before, 201t6 is the perfect year to head out on an adventure by yourself. Maybe you've only gone with family or friends in the past, but travelling solo is a great test of your instincts and can do wonders for your confidence and sense of self. Not to mention, you get to run totally on your schedule instead of relying (or waiting) on others to do activities with. No matter what resolution sticks with you, make the most of your year by making travel a priority. Happy Travels!

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