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Exploring Cuba

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Cuba With perfect weather and a history as rich as its music and food, Cuba's place as one of the best travel destinations makes perfect sense. For decades, travellers have gone to enjoy the sea, sun and salsa. With the recent agreements between the Cuba and the United states, the beauty of Cuba can be appreciated by everyone; as up until now most of their tourism has come from Europe and Canada. With hundreds of museums, art galleries and theatres, there's more the Cuba than just the beach. As much as many people tend to opt for all-inclusive resorts and hotels in Cuba, it's important to step outside into the beautiful and dynamic cities and countryside of Cuba. Though AirBNB is not an option in Cuba, try opting for their own version of a guest house, a casa particulaire during your stay; giving you a much more authentic Cuban experience. Rhumba-band-Callejon-de-Hamel-havana-cuba-3march14-alamy_426x284

Enjoy Live Music

Music is such an important part of Cuban culture and it's easy to find it everywhere you go. The streets of Havana are overflowing with live music, bringing the pulsing rhythms of Salsa, Rhumba, Conga, Afro-Cuban Jazz & more to small clubs, large venues and stadiums as well as spontaneous live shows.   old havana

Visit Old Havana

Taking a stroll through old Havana can be a bit like going into a time machine. The original city centre of Havana, the city's old dividing walls are now the borders of the region. Founded in the 16th century,  much of the city built in neoclassical and baroque style, lending to its vintage appeal and aesthetic. Many parts of old Havana have been restored in an effort to revitalize the area and inject colour and modernity into the area.  As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it's the perfect slice of Cuban history.   Ropa Vieja

Eat Cuban Food

As with most islands in the Caribbean, Cuban food is savoury, spicy & takes from Indigenous, European & African culinary influences to create something uniquely Cubano. You'll find a lot of saucy rice-based dishes like Ropa Vieja and Arroz Con Pollo to indulge in.  


See the beaches in Varadero and Caya Coco

Of course, one of the most beautiful things about Cuba are it's beaches. As a coastal town, Varadero is most known for its beaches and beautiful views of the Caribbean sea. Caya Coco is much more secluded, as a smaller island off the coast of mainland Cuba. This area is known for the resorts and some of the longest beaches in the world.   Museo-de-la-revolucion-saltillo-coah-2

Learn Something New

With 292 museums & 120 art galleries, there's tons to learn about this island nation - and the world. Visit the Museo De La Revolution (Museum of the Revolution) for an interesting (albeit, biased) look at Cuba's political history. You can also go to museums dedicated to aviation, decorative arts, modern and contemporary art, as well as the converted Cuban home of author Ernest Hemmingway. No matter what you choose to do, eat or see, arm yourself with some basic Spanish phrases & start exploring Cuba!

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