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The Best Cameras For The Adventure Traveller

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CHDHX-401_life1Every traveller also knows how important it is to get great photos from their trip. Whether they're for social media or a professional portfolio, the key to the perfect shot all starts with a great camera. With rapid improvements in mobile technology, camera functions on cell phones and tablets are steadily climbing in quality, sometimes rivalling some of the best cameras on the market. Still, many people still prefer the functions of something designed strictly to produce high quality photo and video. Here's some of our favourite travel cameras.

Go Pro HERO4 BlackCHDHX-401_main2

For those who love to get into extreme spots and other high energy activities while they travel, the HERO4 Black is one of the best ways to capture professional quality video on land, in the air or below the water. With the ability to record HD and up to 4K video, the camera is shock proof and waterproof in depths up to 130 feet! The best part is these cameras come with a variety of mounts, both included and purchased separately, to get unique points of view from helmets, surfboards & much more, so you don't need to worry about holding it just right to get the perfect shot.

Olympus TG4

olympus-stylus-tg-4 This 16 Megapixel camera is perfect for shooting the very best of your travel adventures. With it's focus on rugged design, the camera is not only shock proof from heights of up to 7 feet, but waterproof for depths up to 50 feet, and crush-proof under the weight of up to 220 lbs of force. Whether it's underwater or in a deep freeze, this camera's bright wide angle zoom lens will give you amazing photos regardless of the elements. Also boasting built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, you can shoot and share the photos you're most proud of like never before. Much like full DSLR cameras, the TG4 can accommodate a variety of lenses and add ons to take your photo and video to the next level.

Canon PowerShot G7X

Canon-PowerShot-G7X For a powerful camera that can fit in your pocket, the G7X is a great contender. With a tilting LCD monitor for getting that perfect scenic backdrop selfie, the camera comes fully loaded with 20 megapixels, a touch screen interface and easy to use functions. This camera does exceptionally well at capturing the DSLR quality pictures everyone aims for. Honourable Mobile Mention...

Samsung Galaxy 6S Active

samsung-galaxy-s6-active Though this isn't a camera, the Samsung Galaxy 6S Active edition is worth mentioning because it stacks up as one of the best camera function on a mobile device this year, taking high resolution video and photos with a 16 Megapixel rear camera & 5 Megapixel front-facing camera. Perfect for the adventure traveller, the phone functions perfectly underwater in depths of up to 40 feet for up to 30 minutes, and it's rugged casing allows it to withstand hard impact drops and falls. No matter what you chose to capture your memories with, it's important to not let that become the focus of your trip. Enjoy the sights and don't out on something amazing trying to get the perfect shot. Happy Travels!

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