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World's Most Haunted Places

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catacombes-2As we inch closer to Halloween, it's easy to see how things can get a bit scary. While many of us may go to a man-made haunted house, more serious thrill seekers will head to places they've only heard about in terrifying folklore. Places so scary, government officials won't let anyone go past sundown. Here's a list of some of the most haunted places on earth.

Island of the Dolls - MexicoIsland-of-the-Dolls-hanging-around

In a tucked away area of Mexico city, this uninhabited area is is populated by hundreds of dolls mostly hanging from trees. The story goes: in the 1950s, a man moved to the area in order to be a hermit, but soon discovered that it was haunted by the spirit of a little girl who once lived there, but drowned years before. He bought the dolls in a bid to keep the spirit happy, but eventually met the same fate as the little girl. It's said both their spirits haunt the islands, and the dolls whisper as you walk past. Yikes.

The Tower of London100_0344

This palace has been standing since the year 1078 A.D. , giving it plenty of time to rack up some paranormal inhabitants, including Anne Boleyn & other former royalty.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotlandedinburgh_castle

Any structure that sits on land that has been inhabited since the year 1200 B.C.E is bound to have tons of spirits milling around. Former servants and a headless drummer boy are just a few of the apparitions people have seen there over the years.

Bhanghar Fort, IndiaScreen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.47.16 AM

Built as a fort to protect a small city in the 1600s, it also included a royal palace. It's said a sorcerer fell in love with a princess who lived there, later dying as a result of trying to seduce her but not before cursing the town to destruction. Shortly after his death, the town was destroyed and all almost all of its inhabitants along with it. Now, spirits can be seem around the complex and nobody is allowed within its walls after dark

Paris Catacombs


Originally a mine, this underground network of passages and caverns was turned into a storage places for human bones when the graveyards began to get too crowded in the 1700s. Housing the remains of approximately 6 million people, some of them are arranged into artful displays. As expected, many unexplainable events have happened in the tombs, with stories of unhappy spirits abound. If you're brave enough, pack a Rise Gear bag, bring a friend & head to any one of these spooky destinations!

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