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New York City Must-Sees

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With a population of 30 million, New York is a huge city where there's never a shortage of people to meet & things to do. There are so many restaurants, you could eat at a different one every day for years. From museums, to festivals, attractions, parks, hidden gems & much more, here's the short list of must-sees in the city that never sleeps.
Central Park
2999130649_d56c1bd035_b You can do more than people watching in one of the most visited parks in the United States. The park is huge, boasting a zoo and conservatory garden among other things on its grounds. In warmer months, locals flock to Sheep Meadow on the Southwestern edge of the park for picnics and sun-filled hangouts.
Empire State Building
empire state building _1_ With breathtaking views and tons of history, New York's observation deck is the perfect place to go for the perfect sunset selfie. Also an office building, some of the world's largest organizations call the building home. So many, in fact, the building has its own dedicated zip code.
Museum of Modern Art
Affectionately known as the MoMa, the museum houses a mix of modern and contemporary art including painting, film & photography and electronic media; carrying the works of artists like Picasso, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo & thousands more. The museum also boasts a library with over 300,000 titles as well as its own restaurant.  
Times Square
SONY DSC While most NYC native avoid Times Sq. for the most part, everyone should experience the iconic billboards and lights at least once. Shopping in the area is open seriously late to accommodate tourists (most stores don't close until 11:00 pm) and the famous intersection sits in the middle of the city's legendary theatre district.  
Lombardi's Pizza
5060259513_9038668b9c As we mentioned, there's so many restaurants in New York city it would be hard to begin a list of the best. From Dim Sum to Veija Ropa, cuisines from every corner of the globe can be found in this concrete jungle. One thing New Yorkers tend to agree one though, is authentic New York style Pizza, heavily influenced by the food's Italian birthplace. Lombardi's in Manhattan (32 Spring St.) has been serving coal-fired, thin-crust Neapolitan pizza for over 100 years and is widely considered New York's first pizzeria.  
High Line
High_LineThis 1.5 mile long park was built on abandoned rail tracks in a bid to revitalize the area and add more green space to the city. Dubbed "Central Park for a new generation", the park's walkways and outdoor lounges offer great views of the city, including unobstructed views of the Hudson River.  
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
10/27/13 Features, Brooklyn Botanic Garden. NY Post Brian Zak Located in Prospect Park, this 52 acre garden features beautiful flowers and interesting architecture throughout the open space as well as themed pavilions. The Japanese Pond And Hill garden transports you to Tokyo - complete with a Shinto shrine and koi fish- and was the first of its kind built in North America. You can also visit collections of desert plants, The Native flora garden filled with plants indigenous to Norther America as well as the Shakespeare garden; a traditional English cottage garden featuring 80+ plants mentioned in Shakespearean works. With free entry on most Tuesdays and Saturday afternoons, you can choose to smell the roses at a time that works for you. There's no way for you to see everything New York has to offer - there's even things not even born & bred New Yorker's have seen - but this list is a great place to start! Be well prepared and pack smart using one of our Rise Gear bags & enjoy The Big Apple. Happy Travels!

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