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The Best Offline Travel Apps

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Here on the Rise Gear blog, we talked about some of the best travel apps to help you get around, stay connected and change your plans as long as you can find an internet connection. But what about those times when you there's no available wi-fi? Here's just a few apps with that can be accessed offline that will change the way you travel & help you as you go.

screen322x572-1 Triposo

Combining maps, wikipedia and user-submitted reviews and planned sightseeing trips complete with directions, Triposo lets you download travel guides with this wealth of information. Personalized suggestions help you decide what to see, do, or eat right from where you are; without having to find the closest wi-fi connection first. With guides for over 25,000 destinations and 6,000,000 users adding their own reviews and feedback in even the most off-track obscure parts of the world; it will be easy to explore even more without having to worry about finding your way back to your hotel.

screen322x572-3Word Lens

Of course it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with certain integral words when travelling, but sometimes a sign or packaging may have you stuck. Using your phone's camera, Word Lens allows you to take a snapshot of a word or phrase on signs or packaging and have it translated to English for you. Consider the languages you may encounter in your destination and download individual language packs, and take a clear image of the sign that has you stuck, and the app will translate and display the sign to you in English. Remember, in many languages direct translations can be tricky; so you may have to do some deciphering with longer phrases, but you should always be able to get the general idea.


Public transit maps are generally useful when you're without mobile data, but in a pinch can make the navigation process extra long. City Mapper is comprehensive A to B trip planning with the ability to access subway maps offline, as well as save trips you searched while you still had data.

screen568x568 Wi-Fi Finder

Sometimes, it's still important to find that coveted wi-fi connection, and it's important to find the closest and  strongest one. It can sometimes be difficult to find wi-fi zones in places they aren't clearly marked, so this app lets you download a frequently updated database beforehand that will map out the closest connections to you so you can make your way to it and get your fix. As great as it is to plan certain aspects of your trip before you get there, some of the best decisions will be the ones you make on the fly and will allow you to explore much more of your destination than ever before. Happy Travels!

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