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Being A Tourist In Your Own Hometown

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Sometimes when we've seen the world, it can be easy to forget the beauty that exists in our own backyard. Your daily routine will likely only take you to certain parts of your city on a regular basis, the rest left largely unexplored in an otherwise busy world and ignored for greater sights at the end of a car, train or plane ride. It's important to get to know your hometown in deeper way if you haven't already, and experience it as a tourist would. This will not only make you a better tour guide when friends you've made during your worldwide travels come to visit, but it will help you appreciate the similarities and differences between your hometown and every corner of the globe. Here's just a few ways your can be a tourist in your own hometown. china-tourist_2452071b

Think Like A Tourist

We tend to avoid tourist hotbeds in our own hometown when going about our daily commute. This time, head straight for them. Find a popular hotel and ask for guidebooks and other suggestions as if you're visiting. It's a cool idea to even take a city tour bus that gives your the flexibility to hop on and off whenever you want. Most cities have sections on their official website to accommodate visitors, complete with online event listings and other resources. Also, make use of deal and coupon-based websites not only for interesting activities; but discounts! Make use of these & don't be afraid to let it take you to a part of your hometown you never frequent.

Find Some History

Do some research and find some cool interesting facts out about your city and see if the places are still standing today and make a tour of it. Heading to a museum is also a good idea, particularly ones dedicated specifically to the history of your hometown.

Get Around Differently

Do you normally drive? Take pubic transit. Usually Uber? Ride a bike. Something as simple as changing the way you get around can make you see your city in a brand new light. A different perspective can help you see details you typically miss in your morning commute, or gives you the opportunity to get a closer look at things you've only seen in passing from a subway car. You can see a great deal on foot especially, so get your walking shoes out & start exploring.

Take Photos

You might have everyday photos around your hometown, but you might not have any that specifically focus on the architecture, street art or other people. Try interesting angles, perspectives and atmospheres to capture different aspects of your hometown. Don't be afraid to become a bit more familiar with your everyday surrounding in a totally new way. Make a day trip of it & start discovering. Happy Travels!

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