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Why Travelling Solo Is Awesome

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travelling-aloneOne of the first things we do when planning a trip is to find out which of our family, friends is up for an adventure; or you may default to a significant other. As amazing as it is to share these experiences with other people, going is alone can also make for a rich travel experience. Mixing it up is key, so don't be afraid to plan a one-man (or one-woman) getaway while still hitting the road with other people from time to time as well. Here's just a few reasons why travelling solo is awesome.

Book On Your Own Terms

A drawback of travelling with others can sometimes be coordinating multiple schedules to coincide. This has an effect on when you leave and return, how long you stay in one particular place if you're going to multiple locations in a single trip, even the hotel you stay in;as it has to be a compromise between two or more people. Sometimes, this causes your trip to be shorter, more expensive and less relaxing than you would have liked. While travelling with people is loads of fun, that compromise can cause friction if people have different ideas of how the trip should go.

traveling-alone-1096848-TwoByOneSee & Do Whatever You Want

When travelling alone, you make your own schedule. That museum you've always wanted to see that nobody else is interested in? Go! A restaurant you've always wanted to try but can't seem to fit in between group activities? Now you can head there. Everything is up to you when you travel alone, and you can do as much or as little as you want without having to worry about coordinating with another person and trying to fit in everyone's trip goals into a few days. Often times when a large group travels together, there will be a few things on your own bucket list that will get skipped over simply because of time constraints.

Meet New People

When you've travelled with people you already know, you will probably stick to socializing with those people out of familiarity when you're in a new place. By doing this, you're missing out on meeting amazing new people with each new destination. Travelling alone will empower you to make new friends because you won't have the safety net of friends you came there with. Meeting new people - especially locals - will add a lot to your trip. You may even meet other solo travellers who you may want to share a few experiences with during the trip, but your independent natures will make sure you still see everything you want to see.

Connect to the Culture

Making friends who are local to where you're staying is imperative in making a real connection with the culture there. Travel guides can only go so far as places around the world are constantly changing. Knowing someone who lives where you're travelling and doesn't have a problem showing you around can expose you to things tourists may not get to usually see, and give you a more direct understanding on the culture.

Change It Up If You Want

It was a beautiful evening Travelling alone gives you the freedom to make changes to your travel plans, only having to answer to yourself. You can quickly book day trips to nearby islands, cities & towns without a second thought to make sure you get the most of of your trip. In the event you wanted to extend your travel, switch hotels, or make good use of a layover on your way back; you can do so without having to worry about 1 or more other people who don't want to do the same. Once you get a taste of solo travel and the freedom it brings, you'll want to cross more things off your bucket list on your own. The inspiration you get is unparalleled and you won't return the same person as when you left. As always,it's important to be well prepared and pack for your solo adventure using one of our Rise Gear bags. Happy Travels!

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