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Why You Should Consider More Mini Getaways

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maldives-666118_1280Vacations keep getting shorter and shorter - and that's not a bad thing. More people are skipping that yearly planned getaways and opting for shorter, more frequent and more budget-friendly & interesting options. With most full-time employees allotted 2 - 4 weeks of paid vacation (or more!) per year depending on their jobs and where they work, more people are realizing it's better to break this time up into smaller trips than to spend your entire year looking forward to one. Here, we run down a few reasons you should consider a few mini getaways throughout the year to recharge your batteries.

You'll Be Better Rested & Refreshed

It's no secret that it's easy to get burnt out by the stresses of daily life, so sometimes waiting an entire year until your next opportunity to get away from it all is just not possible. Weekend getaways, road trips to nearby cities and 3-day vacations are just a few ways you can indulge your need to escape to new sights and sounds. Psychologists have found that people who structure their vacations in this way tend to be happier, healthier and more productive when they return; recharged and ready for new projects, ideas and tasks. Taking 4 short breaks every 3 months will be better for you in the long run than that 2-week long luxurious vacation (although, fit them all in if your work and lifestyle makes it possible!)

You'll Get To See & Do More

Unless you can plan out a meticulously scheduled multi-country trip for your two week vacation, chances are you will take each trip opportunity to spend it in one - maybe two places. Going on shorter trips more often will inspire you to go to new & exciting places, only returning to places that truly captured your heart. It will also likely push you to make the most of your trip, as having less time will make you want to get up and go much more than when you know you have 2 or 3 weeks of leisure. Zip lining, museum visits, cliff jumping, bazaar haggling and everything in between; you'll probably do way more of this on your many short but impactful trips.

You'll Be More Budget Conscious - & The Rest Will Follow

With anything you do with any kind of regularity, you have to be mindful of how much you spend on your habit. When preparing for a long trip, you have a long period of time to book flights, hotels and activities over; which can actually be helpful. However, giving in to your Wanderlust more often means you'll also have to keep a firmer grip on your wallet, and keeping money in mind can often push you towards options that end up giving you a richer travel experience. Many beautiful, interesting and exciting parts of the world fly under the radar when it comes to mass tourism, making them vastly cheaper than more mainstream travel destinations. Using lodging options like Airbnb & Homeaway can bring you closer to a region's local culture and rhythm through hosts who live there, much better than a downtown hotel can. Suggestions from your host and other locals can put you in touch with tons of interesting events that travel guides may miss and many of which may be free depending on where you are. japan-218615_640

You Can Explore Your Own Home

Not your actual house (though staycations are great too!) - but there will be times when leaving your state, province or country is just not feasible for whatever reason, but you still need to escape. These are the times you should explore your very own city, town or community. From sprawling rural lands to bustling metropolitan areas, living somewhere does not mean you have seen all it has to offer. Acting like a tourist and seeing your home through that lens can truly change the perspective of your day-to-day life. Pack a bag, find a local hotel deal & you may find something new that's been under your nose the whole time. That being said, longer trips are still a great thing to look forward to and one of the best ways to experience a new place. Aim for a balance of longer and shorter trips so you can see more & make the most of your vacation time. For short trips, it's always best to pack light so you're much more mobile and able to go with the flow. Our Rise Gear bags are perfect for this, so get packing and Happy Travels!

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