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[Infographic] The Best Books To Bring On Vacation

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vacation-reading Reading while on vacation may sound crazy to some but for many, kicking back and relaxing in this way while inspiring surroundings play out around them is a dream part of their getaway. Great for everywhere from quiet beaches, cafes and bustling parks where you can take breaks to people watch, choosing the right book is the most important part, and if you can find a story written about your destination you can learn a lot about their cultural and literary history. Books written 25+ years ago can offer some historical insight and context into a country's current state, depending on what's discussed in the story, and can give you a crash course in everything from politics, religion, myths, legends, customs and origin stories. Of course, having a good book handy is perfect for long flights, airport delays, layovers, bus rides and more. Whether you're a page-turning book purist or come armed with a tablet or e-reader, having great reading options is important no matter what activities you plan to partake in once you get to your destination. This infographic offers some of the best books to bring on vacation, based on where you're headed next!


Don't forget to enjoy the sights and sounds of your destination just as much as the twists, turns and characters in any of these books. Happy Travels!

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