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7 Breathtaking Views From The Window Seat

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It's no secret that the window seat on an airplane is prime real estate; providing the most scenic views whether you're arriving or departing. Oceans and coastlines, mountaintops, cityscapes and busy roadways all look better from 30,000 feet in the air.  In our everyday lives, its easy to forget the sheer magnitude of the planet we share; and travelling can sometimes remind us just how much is truly left to explore. Even flying into a place you've called home your whole life can give you brand new perspective when seeing it from above for the first (or 10th!) time. Here, we share some of the most breathtaking window seat pictures ever.

Aegean Sea

This beautiful shot taken on a flight departing from Greece shows the true beauty of the region.

Aegean Sea, Greece  

London, England

This stunning shot perfectly encapsulates the sometimes gloomy atmosphere of this famous city.

London, England  

Los Angeles, California

Some of the best aerial shots are taken at night, making a city's bright lights look like veins; perfect for places so full of life!

Los Angeles, CA  

Oahu, Hawaii

Spanning the South Shore of Oahu from Waikiki to Black Point, this tropical shot would make it difficult for anyone to leave Hawaii.

Oahu, Hawaii  

Quito, Ecuador

Seeing a bustling city from above, without the noise makes you appreciate how vast it truly is.

Quito, Ecuador  

Rio De Janiero, Brazil

There's no doubt that flying into a large city that can co-exist with something as pure as the jungle close by is awe-inspiring.

Rio De Janeiro  

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

There's something amazing about seeing a waterfall from a perspective normally reserved for birds.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe  

So the next time you're lucky enough to get a window seat on your next flight, be sure to have your camera ready! As always, come well prepared with your camera and other essentials in one of our Rise Gear bags. Happy Travels!

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