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Santorini to extend their tourist season

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santoriniThe gorgeous Greek island of Santorini is a great place to start when you want to discover the Mediterranean, and now you have more time to do just that. With a peak travel season between May - September, their warmest months, many hotels, restaurants and other hot spots remain closed for the remainder of the year; but that's about to change. Realizing the demand that exists even during the "low season" of November to April, more hotels and resorts are keeping their doors open to accommodate travellers so they can experience Santorini whenever they want. Located off the south coast of Greece, the island's seaside views have become a travel blogger favourite, and breathtaking photos of the limestone homes embedded into rugged cliffs and overlooking the Mediterranean sea have become synonymous with travelling to the region.

santorinipark_2Full of culture and history, Santorini is home to almost a dozen museums and many art galleries, showcasing everything from ancient texts to parts of shipwrecks; all reflective with the rich heritage of the island. Luxury hotels, large markets and excellent restaurants all add to the bustling atmosphere that makes it one of the most interesting destinations on the planet. Though the summer months are the best time to go due to the warm weather, take advantage of periods with lower rates and less crowds; are warm winds still make occasional appearances as late as October.

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