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Making the Most of a Short Trip

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Whether it's a 3-night all inclusive getaway to a warmer climate, or a weekend drive to an interesting city a few hours away; a short escape can be just as good for the soul as any two-week adventure. With so many options and things to see and do in any new destination, it can sometimes feel like you didn't get the most out of your trip, but we have a few tips to make sure you do! Girl Taking A Break While Traveling It's important to research and plan ahead particularly for a shorter trip. Plan out exactly where you're staying and what you need to get around, whether it's a rental car or a public transit pass, and get it as soon as you arrive so you can hit the ground running. Be sure to choose a hotel central enough to explore multiple areas in a city or region without having to travel too far to return. The closer you are to where all the action is, the better. tourist-with-map-app-phone-shutterstock-510pxCheck around for suggestions for things to do from people you know, review websites, message boards and social media. After you've decided which of these are must-sees, make a general plan of the places and things you want to see, do, purchase or eat and when it fits into your schedule. A cool restaurant? An interesting museum exhibit? A cultural festival, sporting event or concert? These are all great experiences to plan a short trip around but spontaneity is still important, so stay a little flexible with your itinerary. Stumbling into a cool art space or a seemingly hidden beach you pass en route to one of your planned outings are still great pit stops! title_travel_sexy-travel-destinations_12-13-13_ka Map out you travels from the hotel to and between your chosen activities that day so you know exactly where you're going and don't lose time asking for simple directions. Again, stops along the way are cool too as you never know what you might find! In terms of packing, keep it simple and well organized. If you're flying in to your destination, try your absolute best to limit your items to just a carry- on. This minimizes the chance that you will be separated from your checked luggage for any extended period of time; thus eating into your exploration time having to wait for it to get to you. Your packing should be well organized in high quality luggage like one of our Rise Gear bags, with your most essential items easily accessible. The best part of a short trip is you get just enough time to fall in love with a new place to pique your interest and plan your next trip with more time to explore!

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