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How To Get Over Jet Lag

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Travelling to new places is always exciting, but sometimes adjusting to the local time zone of your destination can be a bit of a challenge. Jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder where your body is adjusting to to a new circadian rhythm, or sleep pattern. In time zones that are the complete opposite from the one you're normally in, you may find yourself wide awake and unable to fall asleep at 2 A.M. but sluggish by 11 A.M. that same morning. Here are a few tips for managing jet lag so you enjoy your trip and not spend the whole time adjusting to your new surroundings. passengers-519008_1280

Try to mimic your expected schedule before leaving

If where you're headed is a drastic timezone change, try to re-work your sleep and activity schedule to get as close to it as possible. Your day-to-day obligations might make this a little tricky but try to make as many adjustments as you can.

Look for flights with early evening arrival times and stay awake until 10 P.M. local time

Or a little later if you plan on going out that night. This way you'll be right on schedule from the start of your trip.A businesswoman asleep on a flight

Sleep on the plane

Take a short nap on the way there to help you adjust; but no longer than 2 hours so you don't oversleep and make your jet lag even worse!

Get as much sunlight as possible once you land

Natural light is the best stimulant to keep you awake longer even when you may already feel a little tired. Staying in a dimly lit hotel room will do ntohing but worsen your jet lag symptoms.

Stay Active

Go sightseeing, go for a jog, or head to the beach. Getting right into some type of activity will help you stay alert and keep you from sleeping the day away. This is precious vacation time after all! sea-644523_1280 For frequent flyers like people who travel for business, consider natural sleep aids like melatonin as well as sleeping masks and earplugs for distraction-free sleeping en route to your destination to help you adjust quickly to a new schedule. It's easy to keep these items on-hand when you're well prepared and pack using one of our Rise Gear bags. Happy Travels!

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