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Unexpected Items You Can Bring On A Plane

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Whether you travel once every few years or once every few days for work or play, everyone has a pretty good idea of what they can't bring with them on their travels; either in their checked luggage or in their carry-on. But what about the stuff we can bring? You'd be surprised that a few items you would think are a no-go are actually allowed on most commercial flights; with some regulations of course. We go through a few unexpected items you might be shocked to know you can bring with you on your travels, should you ever need to. boeing-bins_2982982b  

Ice Skates

Ice Skates (and roller blades!) are allowed both as checked luggage or can count as a carry on; perfect for a chilly getaway. It's best to keep them in the overhead bin with the blades covered.

For safety reasons, of course.Ice-Skating-Wallpapers


Surprisingly, personal lighters are allowed in carry-on luggage even though smoking isn't. You are, however, limited to one lighter per person


Knitting Needles

Get your craft on during a long flight and knit to your heart's content, as knitting needles are allowed in your carry-on bag.


Bowling Ball

Bowling balls are allowed as carry-on, just not in the overhead bin (it could fall) and it must be able to fit under your seat.


Dry Ice

You can bring dry ice in both checked and carry on luggage as long as you follow certain guidelines. It should be in a container that allows the carbon dioxide gas to escape, and should be clearly marked "DRY ICE" followed by the allowed weight of 5 lbs for checked luggage and 4.4 lbs in carry on luggage.

2fb36e0e758ba80867cb1ccd4b4460ad7f9664fd   It's still always a good idea to get the final word from your individual airline about their rules, as a particular carrier may have their own restrictions; so call ahead should any of these items be essential to bring with you. Most importantly, pack well in one of our Rise Gear bags and enjoy your travels!

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