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World's Most Beautiful Beaches

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For those of us who aren't lucky enough to live in year-round warm weather, our favourite escapes often include white sandy beaches and clear water. Calming ocean waves and lots of sun (and a little shade) can be found in many places around the world, but some are truly beautiful spaces deserving of the word "paradise", and make perfect places to visit, relax, party and everything in between. Here, we go through some of the world's most beautiful beaches.   PhiPhiIsland   Ipanema Beach, Brazil Brazil's undeniable beauty extends beyond its people, and this city-hugging beach is a perfect example. Vendors and even waterfront gyms can be found along the beach's boardwalk in case swimming in crystal clear waters isn't your thing. Impanema   Coco Beach, Seychelles This beach's pink sands, towering cliffs, and lush clear waters are a big part of the reason it's one of the most photographed locales in the world. coco-beach-la-digue-seychelles   7 Mile Beach, Jamaica Surrounded by amazing cliffs, 7 Mile Beach is one of the longest and most beautiful in the world. Even though it clocks in at SIX miles, it still has enough lush sand and warm water for nobody to notice. slide-01 El Castillo Beach, Mexico Beauty & culture collide, as historic Mayan ruins provide the backdrop for this sun-filled retreat. El Castillo of Tulum Elafonisi Beach, Greece This beautiful beach lies on the Greek island of Crete and is also a protective nature reserve. elafonisi-by-wolfgang-staudt Ko Phi Phi Leh , Thailand With panoramic views, excellent diving options and thrilling fire performers by night, it's no wonder this scenic location was chosen  as the backdrop for the 2000 movie, The Beach. PhiPhiIsland   No matter what end of the world you choose to soak in some sun, make sure to stay well hydrated and prepared; and always start your trip right by packing with one of our Rise Gear bags!

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