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Clever Packing Hacks For Your Next Trip!

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So you've narrowed down the items you want to bring on your trip but opening and closing your suitcase is still a bit of a challenge; or it zips up perfect but you're trying to keep everything organized so it's easier to find when you need it. Whatever your needs, there's always a few tips and tricks that help keep all your items protected and easy to find. Here, we go through a few clever packing hacks! 23314950_s

Pack breakables into socks

Anything in a glass container like colognes, perfumes, wine bottles etc. travel best between fabric to keep it from breaking. Tuck bottles into socks and then between clothes to prevent any accidents.


Cords and cables in a glasses case

Cords are more prone to tangles and more likely to stop functioning when just thrown into your suitcase, so be sure to wrap them and keep them together with a rubber band and in a closable protective case like one for eyeglasses or pouches that come with some brands of headphones.


Roll your clothes instead of folding

You'd be surprised as how much space you save my rolling your clothes instead of folding; giving you room to add a few more outfits to your travel wardrobe. This method also prevents awkward fold lines in your clothes after being packed in for hours.


Stuff socks and products into your shoes 

Use up every bit of space by stuffing your shoes with socks and a few travel size products.


Plastic wrap to prevent liquids and gels from spilling 

Even travel size containers of shampoos, conditioners and lotions can cause a big mess in your luggage if the cap flips open, and the plastic wrap provides and extra barrier just in case.


Store shoes inside a shower cap

Wrapping a shower cap over the soles of the shoes you pack prevents them from touching the clothes you packed, making sure they stay clean.


As always, when you're packing make sure you use one of our Rise Gear bags to get the most out of your luggage!

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