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Why We Love To Travel (And You Should Too!)

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Whether it's a quick weekend getaway or a month-long volunteer trip, seeing different parts of the world is beneficial for so many reasons. Amazing new food, and the opportunity to learn about new cultures and be inspired are all within your grasp every time you add a stamp to your passport. Here, we go through just a few of the reasons why we love to travel and you should too. photographer-407068_640 Change of Scenery Every now and then, we need a break from a monotonous lifestyle with some time away. A sunny getaway during the drab winter months can boost our spirits and an exciting ski trip is a great way to break up a routine. New atmospheres offer the chance for escape, relaxation, fun, and everything in between; and for those with a bit more Wanderlust, the need for new cultural experiences is ever-present. japan-218615_640   Try New Foods Unfamiliar dishes topped exotic spices and decadent sauces are perfect for those with adventurous palates and a taste for trying everything the world has to offer. By expanding your culinary horizons,  you may end up with a few new favourites!  meals-337073_640 Learn A New Language Even just a few words in a new language can stretch your mental muscles and lead you into a new lifelong skill. Familiarizing yourself with essential words and phrases before your trip is important and useful, but immersing yourself in spaces where that language is predominantly spoken will help it stick; and is hands down the best way to learn a new language. word_cloud_language  Connect With New People Travelling is a great way to make your social circle a little bigger. Whether it’s the plane ride there, a fellow member of group travel or exchange program, or a stranger at a coffee shop far from home; the opportunities to meet new people are endless. Shared experiences like travelling can create strong bonds and can lead to lifelong friendships and friends who live in the country you’ve travelled can show you more than any tour guide book. 86532237   Be Inspired A change of scenery can sometimes be the perfect catalyst to your next great idea. Writing, visual art, music, or a new business venture idea can all come from listening to ocean waves, zip lining through a rainforest or shopping at a vibrant local market. india-324_640   Learn About Yourself The best part about travel is how much you learn about yourself during the process. From how well you deal with some of it’s stresses to the types of activities and people you’re drawn to on your journey; these all provide insight to your personality and your trip may help you realize things about yourself you were previously unaware of. vw-camper-336606_640 All in all, exploring everything the world has to offer gives us great memories and stories to share for years to come. And whether you're an occasional traveller, road trip warrior or a frequent flyer, making sure all your essentials are packed in a great travel bags like one of our Rise Gear bags is the first step to having a great trip.  

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