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Avoiding Common Travel Hassles

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Besides the more exciting aspect of travelling, there can be small snags that can put a damper on your journey; and most are totally avoidable. Here, we go through a few ways you can make sure you’re ready for anything and avoid these common travel hassles on your trip. o-FRUSTRATED-AIRPORT-facebook Reconfirm your flight Most of the time, any changes to your flight should come to you via email, but that may not always be the case; and if your inbox is typically stuffed it’s not impossible to miss the message.  A few days before your flight, call the airline to double check the date and time of your departure to avoid any unpleasant surprises the day of.  phone Weigh your luggage at home You may not have an official luggage scale in your home, but tossing it onto a regular scale might give you a rough estimate of your checked luggage to make sure you’re not going to go over the weight limit, incurring extra charges you weren’t expecting to cough up. Check with the airline to find their specific weight limit. If you’re close to or over that number, it’s time to decide what to leave behind, rearrange some items into your carry on or wear some of the items to the airport.   3d illustration: A group of trunks  Make sure your carry-on is fool-proof Most airlines have rules about items that can be in your carry-on, so make sure these items are either the approved weight or volume for your carry-on or in your checked baggage, so that you’re not stuck deciding whether to leave the restricted item behind or check your carry-on bag as well. carry_on   Check In Extra Early Most airlines give you a 24-hour window before your flight to check in, so you don’t have to when you get to the airport. Checking in the day before your flight will save you precious time just in case any other delays occur once you get there. B20_WebCheckIn_1   Arrive to the airport early Give yourself a 2-hour head start to arrive at the airport. Anything could happen! If your flight is at 10 AM, you should be at the airport no later than 8 AM to get through customs, make any last minute item switches to your luggage and be ready for any other changes or delays that may pop up at the last minute. digital clock display   Keep your essentials close at hand Your passport and boarding pass are the most important items to have on-hand during the beginning of your travels, in addition to your usual essentials such as your wallet and cell phone. Make sure you don’t accidentally pack these items in your checked baggage, especially since you’ll need them both at various check points at most airports. A zipped pocket on a carry on is a great place to keep these items where you can access them easily 31879258_s Don’t put all your clothes in checked baggage In the unfortunate event that your luggage is delayed or worse, lost, it’s important that you have more than just the clothes on your back to wear in your new destination. Pack an extra outfit in your carry on bag just in case. 23314950_s

It’s always a great idea to be as well-prepared as possible. Expect the unexpected and have a safe trip!

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