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How to Fight Boredom on a Long Flight

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There’s an anticipation that builds while en route to a far-flung destination that usually makes flyers forget the more stressful parts of travel. That sense of relief when you finally board your flight and settle into your seat usually comes with excitement as you mentally plan your first steps upon arrival at your destination. But then what? For long flights of 7, 8 or more hours (like New York City to Tokyo, Japan clocking in at 15 hours!) and worse, long layovers in other airports, it’s easy to get bored and restless. Here, we go through a few tips to fight boredom during long trips. PlaneBored 2   Reading Bring a good book along with you to pass some time, or try audiobooks so you can multitask and do other activities at the same time. Make sure to include some magazines to break up the monotony of reading the same book. If you’re travelling internationally, try to find at least one magazine featuring stories about or published in the country you’re about to visit, to get a bit of a feel for their popular culture. Even if you don’t know the language, pictures are worth 1000 words. This isn’t always readily available, but larger or specialized book and magazine retailers such as those within the airport typically have a great selection of magazines from around the world.   25022317_m   Music, Movies and Gaming Fill your playlist to the brim with a wide variety of music so you can choose if you want to stay alert, be lulled to sleep with slower sounds or just have background music as you do other activities at the same time. Be sure to put movies on your devices just in case the in-flight film selections aren’t your speed or pull up your favourite mobile/handheld game to pass the time. If you forget your own headphones, most airlines will provide or sell you a pair.   Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.54.53 PM   Do Some Work If you’re travelling for business, a great way to fight boredom is to immerse yourself in your work. This will do double duty; keeping you occupied as well as crossing things off your to-do list. Sure, you don’t have a large desk at your disposal, but your laptop, tablet or notepad should be just fine to prepare yourself for that meeting you have as soon as you land. For a long layover in a new airport, you will have a bit more space to work. 23215221_m   Talk to Those Around You If you’re flying with a family member, friend or significant other, you both have a built-in conversation partner. Go over your itinerary plans, decide on your first meal when you land or anything else you usually discuss. If the person next to you is a stranger, try striking up a conversation. You may end up with a fast friend!article-2511512-1991A8E100000578-6_634x399   Get Organized We all have things that need to be decluttered from time to time, and your devices are no exception. Whether it’s your music collection that needs proper tagging, a desktop full of unidentifiable files, or pictures and documents in random folders, digging into your digital archives and getting everything into whichever organizational order you prefer is a great and productive way to pass the time.19776293_m   Sleep If all else fails and you’re lucky enough to have comfortable seats, a relatively quiet flight, a great neck pillow and a blanket, catch a nap for a few hours if not the whole way. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, try taking a sleep aid. You’ll get to your destination feeling energized and ready to explore. 12897890_m All in all, travelling is a full experience and there’s bound to be some downtime. Enjoy the ride and make sure you’re prepared and well packed using one of our Rise Gear bags!

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