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Staying Organized During a Business Trip

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Business Trip Organization TIps   Business trips can be stressful. Between travel reservations, baggage check, car rentals, and cramming in as many meetings as possible, it can be a challenge to manage your time effectively and stay organized. And if you’re not organized, it’s difficult to make a good impression on both clients and colleagues. If you’re a frequent-flying business professional and occasionally find yourself scrambling to find your passport or running through airport terminals to catch your flight, you’re in luck, because we have some handy tips for you for how to stay organized during a business trip.

Passports, ID and ticket

When you’re travelling, making sure you have the necessary travel papers is a must. Thanks to online check-in, it has never been easier to get to your gate with time to spare. Printing your ticket in advance, as well as getting your ID and passport ready a day or two before your flight, is a great way to make your travel less stressful and give yourself more time to prepare for meetings.  

Use a Rise Gear bag to keep business clothes crisp

Rise Gear Dressing smart is a big part of business. It’s unprofessional to show up to a business meeting with creased pants or a wrinkly blouse, but it can be tough to find a dry cleaner and make time for a visit during a business trip, especially when you have tons of people to meet. To make life easier, it’s best to opt for a Rise bag when you travel. This bag, which wowed the stone-faced judges of CBC’s Dragon’s Den,  is not your typical suitcase, and contains built-in shelves that can hang from a closet, and will keep your best suit from getting wrinkled. Using a Rise bag is an awesome way to keep your threads looking sharp, without having to consult the concierge desk.  

Schedule, schedule, schedule

Business trips typically mean back-to-back meetings, business meals, and meet & greets. Staying organized is vital for managing your time efficiently and carving out prep time for all of the different events you need to attend. Luckily, there are tons of great apps which make scheduling a total breeze. Before you take off, make sure to punch in all of your business obligations into either your smartphone or an agenda, so you can plan your time accordingly.  

Charge electronics the night before

Charge Electronics for Trave As a businessman or businesswoman, it’s important to be reachable 24/7, and it is always a pain to have to clamber to find an outlet because your phone is on it’s last leg. Making sure all your necessary electronics are at 100% before you leave for the airport or train station means one less thing for you to worry about. Another pro tip? Turn your phone to Airplane Mode when you’re in transit to save battery power without having to power down completely. This allows you to quickly make your phone ready for business calls upon landing.  

Pack electronics and travel-size liquids separately

Using carry-on luggage instead of larger bags to avoid baggage check lineups is helpful for shorter business trips. Having to dive into your carry-on to pull out electronics and travel-size liquids can eat up time as well though, so a good travel tip is to keep liquids in a plastic bag in a side pocket so they’re easily accessible. As well, electronics need to be placed in a separate bin, so packing them on top of your clothing makes it easier to yank them out for security checks.   In order for a business trip to be successful, it’s important to make a good impression. If you manage your time, prepare in advance and use a Rise bag to keep your clothes fresh, gaining new deals and clients will be no problem at all. That’s how we stay organized, but we want to hear from you! What tricks do you use to stay organized during business trips?

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