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How To Travel Light, With Only A Carry-On

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Kabine im Flugzeug If you're someone who travels often by plane, you've probably become accustomed to finding sufficiency in only a carry-on, rather than a large suitcase or bulky luggage. And you might think that because you have such a portable bag, you'll automatically travel light. Well, that's not always the case. Here are a few travel tips to help you stay organized while you're on a short business trip or even a small vacation if you're planning on using just a carry-on for the duration of your trip.

Be Willing to Live with Less

This is essential to packing light. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary situation if the thought not bringing every single piece of belonging makes you uncomfortable. And you need to have your priorities in order: what you need to bring with you as opposed to what you should leave at home. Additionally, traveling with only a carry-on can help you avoid baggage fees for checked luggage; Traveling light means saving money.  

Choose a Convenient Carry-On

Rise Gear offers up a vast range of products for the frequent flyer. Their carry-on bags provide you with the most important features that will keep your belongings safe. Rise Gear carry-ons are practical and versatile with collapsible shelving within its interior for space-saving advantages. This also means that it's a very flexible alternative to travel with. Comfortably pack in a decent amount of clothing sets and important documents and mobile devices without worrying about squishing everything together. Not to mention you'll be able to pack those souvenirs in a safe space.  

Keep Toiletries to a Minimum

Make a list of what you absolutely cannot live without. Since you can live off of what hotels have to offer (most of the time), it's best if you only consider important toiletries such as solution for your contact lenses or enough makeup that can last you for the duration of your trip. Airlines usually won't allow items like toothpaste or lotion that aren't in small, clear bottles. If that's too much trouble, simply leave those at home.  

Use Comfortable Footwear

It's best to wear a pair of comfortable sneakers and a pair of sturdy flip flops. This is especially useful during the summer. If you're traveling during the colder months, wear winter boots. Bring a pair of flats to change into while you're on board if you're feet become uncomfortable.  

Wear Bulky Items

Heavier clothing, like jeans, takes up a lot of space in your luggage. So make an effort to wear that rather than your lighter clothes, like your shorts or sweatpants. If it's a little too warm, just skip wearing whatever jacket or sweater you might've brought along with you. Carry it if you have to.

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