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Travel Weekly - What's New, What's Hot: December 2012

Posted by Alen Lumia on

December 13th, 2012


Rise & Hang Weekend Duffel Bag. Promoted as "a closet in a bag," this innovative duffel opens into a portable three-shelf organizing system on hangers that provides easy access to your neatly folded articles of clothing. In short, you don't have to unpack when you get where you are going. Here's how it works: Before leaving on a trip, you open the bag, pull out the shelves and suspend the works in a closet, a door or a chair. Then you pack the shelves with your things, fold the shelves back into the duffel and zip it up. When you reach your destination, simply unfurl the shelves again, fully and neatly packed. The duffle, which weighs four pounds and measures 13.5 by 19 by 10 inches, comes with shoulder straps and is available in blue or gray. Also available is a luggage organizer insert for suitcases. Duffle, ($150); organizer, ($89)