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Rise & Hang on The Shopping Channel in Canada!!

Posted by Alen Lumia on

We have been working with The Shopping Channel for the past couple months refining the offer, getting on-air training and sending them their inventory for our big appearance!  We had lots of examples on-air that showed that Rise & Hang is great for more than just clothes!

We showed how you can use your Rise & Hang bag for:


- Craft bag that showed how you can put yarn, sewing needs, beads, and lots of other supplies all tucked away neatly!
- Trunk bag that had emergency blankets, tire pumps, emergency cones, instruction manuals and lots of other essentials, all easy to find right when you need them!
- Yoga bag that is great for bringing to the studio and keeps your change of clothes neatly organized.
- Golf bag that is amazing for golf trips as well as going to your local course. It keeps your shoes, change of clothes, towel, balls, glove etc., neat and accessible!
- At the beach. Instead of taking everything out of your bag and putting it the sand, you can use it like a file folder to access everything from the top to the bottom and keep it clean!
- A kid bag when they are visiting family members. It is also great to keep each kid's clothes separated on the shelves!

We had a great time doing the segment at The Shopping Channel and look forward to our next spot!