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Not enough room for your carry-on in overhead bins? Boeing to the rescue!

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Boeing's Space Bins will stow six bags, two more than the current pivot bins installed on Next-Generation 737s (Photo: Boeing)


Frequent travelers know that limiting your luggage to only carry-on is a great way to save time and money! But now that airlines are charging more and more for checked luggage travelers are turning to carry-on. The only problem is that as this trend catches on there are times that there isn't enough room for your luggage in the overhead compartments. You've heard the announcement before: "Our flight is full, please volunteer to have your carry-on checked into the cargo hold". If you travel light (i.e. only bring a carry-on) then you're stuck waiting with the rest of the passengers for your bags when you land instead of being ahead of the pack. 

To make it easier as this trend becomes more popular, Boeing is introducing the all new Space Bins to overcome the problem. In current planes, there are lots of compartments, but there is wasted space between each of them and also make it difficult to fit that last piece of luggage in. The all new Space Bins are much larger than current bins and reduce the number of sections increasing capacity in the Boeing 737 up to 194, which is a 62 bag increase in capacity.

What's even better for light travelers is that the new Space Bins can be retrofitted into existing Next-Generation 737s! Keep an eye out for them in 2015!


Source: Boeing