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Brand Spanking New Logo!

Posted by Rise Gear on

Today we unveiled the new Rise logo!

Our first logo was something that we put together at a point before we ever made any bags, so we felt it was time to upgrade and make it more professional. 

Being an Industrial Designer, I love brands, logos, color, design and everything that comes along with that. I've spent many years (since almost 1999!) working on the Adobe Suite, crafting designs, modifying images and just generally having a blast with the program. 

When I first set out to design a logo, I was fresh out of design school and hadn't fully developed my skills and design sense. Here are some of the logos I first came up with before deciding on the first official Rise logo:

As you can see, I played around with a number of very different concepts trying to integrate the arrow into the logo and generally not having much success at it. We were also trying a lot of different spellings of the name at that point. The last one foreshadows how I came about getting the "e" with the arrow which was transferred to the first official logo that we used from 2010 to 2014 (see below):



It shows how I eventually integrated the dot over the "i" and the "r" together to tighten up the logo. The biggest thing that annoyed me about this logo is the fact that there is to relationship between the "e" and the arrow. They just don't look like they belong together and makes the whole logo look cluttered (and Rise is all about de-cluttering!)

So, recently as we worked at Rise to refresh everything that we've done to date (websites, products, etc) I looked at the original logo and just felt that there was something left to be desired. It lacked something that had been bothering me for a while now. 

Upon opening up this project again, I realized that the biggest problem was that I used lowercase letters. Lowercase letters never look quite as neat and organized as blocky uppercase letters do. So trying the design again, but with all uppercase I was able to get the neat and organized look with everything in relation to each other that I was originally going for! 



As you can see, the "E" and the arrow fit perfectly together! All the letters are the same width and ultra blocky to accentuate the clean and organized look I was going for. I also added a fade from light blue to dark blue to represent the sky / horizon (rise to the sky baby!)


So there you have it! The new Rise logo. What do you think?